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BornToSell is an advanced online covered call options analyzing and screening tool to help investors choose the best covered calls to trade or protect their stock positions. Covered call writing is one way to increase income in the stock market and or to minimize downside risk with the stocks you already own. BornToSell is more than just a screening tool; the web site finds you the proper stock and or covered calls and also shows you projected gains for each strike price and month.

BornToSell offers the following helpful tools.

  • Many useful options and filters to help in your decisions.
  • A search and filtering tool that allows you to search through all available covered calls.
  • A search feature that allows you to search for options in nine different stock market sectors or the entire market.
  • An income goal page that shows you how to meet your monthly desired income goals and keeps you on track.
  • Your personal portfolio manager
  • What if calculators to use before you actually invest

The cost for BornToSell is $59.95 per month, $149.95 quarterly and $499.95 yearly.

You can get a free two-week trial at

Born to Sell: What makes it different?

BornToSell has excellent and easy to use menus and screens. A tutorial section is a nice touch either for the newcomer or the seasoned covered call trader. The ability to enter in your income goals and find the right covered calls for your goal is very helpful and unique. There is also their blog about covered call options where you can keep up to date on different news and current option strategies. There are functions that you might not find on other option screening sites.

Born to Sell vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Born to Sell)

There are many do-it-yourself and subscription screeners for stocks, options and covered calls on the internet, but few have so many filtering and helpful options as BornToSell.

  • Online trading firms like OptionsXpress have option screening and analyzing tools that are very good, but before you can use them you have to open an account with the trading firm.
  • OptionMonitor is similar with functions like option analyzers, portfolio managers and a covered call screener. The price is $34.95 monthly, $94 per quarter and $327 per year.
  • Optionistics is another option screening and analyzing web site with a covered calls section. They also have tutorials, probability and strategy calculators and advanced screens. The cost of Optionistics is $29.99 monthly or $249.99 yearly.
Born to Sell: Product images & screenshots
Born to Sell Coupons
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Born to Sell: Detailed review

BornToSell is a feature rich web site that offers more than just stock and option screening tools. You can quickly search and filter through the more than 150,000 call options available to meet your investing and trading needs.

Some of the search and filter menu features include:

  • Search and Filtering is used to find current opportunities in covered calls. You can filter by expiration month, market sector and in the money, at the money or out of the money options. This search also returns the next dividend date, dividend amount; earnings release date and your possible annualized return.
  • Income Goal will show you how you can meet your desired monthly income goal. You enter in the amount of capital you want to use, your income goal, margins if any and how many positions you want to manage and BornToSell will find the current covered calls that meet these requirements.
  • Top 10 shows you the most popular covered calls among the users of the web site.
  • Shows the covered call chains, ex-dividend and earnings alerts

There are several features in the Portfolio Management area including:

  • The Summary Menu allows you to see how much time premium income you have until expiration and check different scenarios like what happens if all of your positions are flat between now and expiration or are closed.
  • All of the stock prices and numbers are updated during the trading day.
  • You also have the ability to play "what if" by changing strikes to see if they will add up to your income goals and the Roll Me function that allows you to the exact differences if you were to buy back your current option and sell another strike and or expiration date.
  • A diversify tool that lets you compare your positions with the S&P500 industry and market sector to look for underweighted sectors.

And still more Menus include:

  • A Tutorial for covered calls that is the best I have seen.
  • A user-configurable email alert system
  • Watch list alerts
  • The BornToSell blog where you can read current market news and topics like covered calls for ETFs or emerging markets for example.
  • A free covered calls newsletter even if you do not sign up.
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Comments (2)

Very good!

covered call writing

Yes, this is a very solid tool. Other have have similar features, no one has the Portfolio Management tools though -- this is great if you have a core set of stocks that you write monthly and are not always searching for new ones.

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Get Free Two Week Trial Of Covered Call Options Service @ Born to Sell (expires in 34 months)
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